What to Do at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

What to Do at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have become a wildly popular holiday tradition in recent years. The deliberately ghastly sweaters, silly games, and over-the-top decorating transform a regular celebration into a memorably fun and crazy party. If you’re hosting or attending an ugly Christmas sweater bash, here’s a guide on things you can do to make it a hit.

Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

First and foremost, you need to sport an impressively ugly Christmas sweater. Shop at thrift and novelty stores to find the most garish, tacky sweaters covered in pom poms, puffy paint, and clashing colors. Adorn your sweater with characters like Santa, reindeer, elves or snowmen for extra Christmas flair. Vote on superlatives like the ugliest, funniest, or most creative sweater for titles that fit the tone of an ugly Christmas sweater party.

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Prepare Silly Games

Make sure you have festive games prepared for groups to participate in while showing off their ridiculous sweaters. Christmas karaoke with carols or poems never fails to entertain. You can also organize a white elephant gift exchange requiring silly or sweater-themed presents. Bring out Christmas Taboo, charades, or trivia with clues related to Christmas traditions, movies, songs, and sweaters. Award prizes like mini tree ornaments or candy canes to game winners.

Plan Fun Group Photos

What’s a Christmas party without some group photos to memorialize the occasion? Gather all the guests together in their shining, ugly splendor for memorable silly shots.


Capture snapshots in creative poses or jumping shots to add to the fun atmosphere.

Christmas Treats and Cupcakes

Make sure to continue the crazy Christmas vibes in the snacks, treats, and drinks offered. Serve up cookies like gingerbread men, sugar sprinkle cut-outs along with Christmas cupcakes topped with sprinkles, red and green M&Ms and marshmallows. The flavors and decorations will match the playful look of an ugly Christmas sweater party.



Ugly Christmas sweater parties invite you to indulge in unrestrained holidays hijinks. With the right sweaters, activities, food and drinks, you’re guaranteed to have a celebratory time worth remembering fondly. Donning tacky threads never looked so good!

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